602, 2016

New base values for the payroll in 2016 in Germany

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No sooner the 2015 closing is under control, the new 2016 base values have to be observed and ensured in the programs for the settlement of wages and salaries accordingly. The main values that remain and that change we have put together for you. With the compulsory insured employees in the field nearly everything remains the same. The social security contribution rates are in 2016: Compulsory health insurance 14.6% Compulsory health insurance reduced rate 14.0% Pension insurance 18.7% Unemployment insurance 3.0% Compulsory long term care insurance 2.35% Childless supplement for long term care insurance [...]

1501, 2016

Trends in 2016: smart and compliant vendor booking!

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Trends in 2016: smart and compliant vendor booking! No doubt, when you record vendor invoices there is still a large amount of manual work required. And therefore many chief financial officers are dreaming about an automated recording and booking of accounts payable. While more and more invoices are sent digitally, these invoices alone can not be used for automated recording and booking of accounts payable. Namely, a number of minimum requirements has to be met before an accounting record is legally compliant. Nowadays there is some advertising of providers of smaller financial accounting programs, [...]

1812, 2015

Since July 2015 the law is enacted: The Parental Allowance Plus. What German employers must know about it:

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Just today the news agencies report that the current birth rate in Germany is the highest for the last 25 years. Whether this is due to the new "Parental Allowance Plus" remains to be seen. But the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Manuela Schleswig (SPD), is surely pleased about this trend. Yet the "Parental Allowance Plus" has been her project and she has consistently implemented in the term of the current grand coalition. Well are employers aren’t per se family enemies. But the new "Parental Allowance Plus" has serious [...]