1211, 2020

Immunize your business against Covid 19

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Improve Cash Flow Immunize your business against Covid 19 Ensure Your Liquidity Short Term You need the air to breathe. Your company needs the cash to stay in business. The best business without money is worthless. 1. Check whether you are eligible for any of the governmental aids or grants. To submit for this kind subsidies you need your financial business figures. If you donĀ“t have your figures ready seek help by a professional accounting firm. 2. Negotiate a loan with your house bank [...]

1803, 2016

Starting today 0%

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Because the recent interest rate cuts have brought nothing bottom line, Mr Mario Draghi, head of the European National Bank, reinforces the interest rate cuts. It has been already told by Einstein, that it is madness, always doing the same thing and expecting different results. It seems Mr Draghi did not perceive the Einstein cite. Meanwhile the ECB policy rate is at 0% and banks who want to park their cash in the ECB, a penalty interest rate of 0.4% must be paid. What should entrepreneurs do facing such kind interest rates? Now Mr. [...]

1502, 2016

The Marketing Agenda 2016: Better arrowhead as blunt

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Craftsmen have known as long as anyone can remember. Arrowhead penetrates better than blunt. Or is someone really trying to push the head of the nail into the wood? But most entrepreneurs get surprised when they hear that instead of blunt, arrowhead marketing does improve results significantly. If you want your website to generate more leads and you need to finish discussion about prices in your sales negotiations, then this article is certainly worth reading. Would you let your broken knee rather being treated by the family doctor or do you prefer a specialized orthopedic [...]