About Andreas Manske

Andreas Manske is a business enthusiast with extensive experience in accounting and strategic management. He has 30+ years of experience in financial management, the leading cloud-based accounting solutions and state of the art reporting and controlling tools. Sound knowledge in business process execution, as well as end to end solutions for complete automation of business processes. His passion is about health and he is author on various articles for people who face challenges by skin diseases.

Are you sure that your tax-free exports are compliant?

In 2013, the Swiss economy has exported goods worth CHF 212 billion. This represents around 50% of Swiss economic output. And exporters are not just the multinationals, but the Swiss SMEs are successful in the export business. Therefore, better you know the procedural requirements of the FTA for exports, so you get sure the [...]

Do you want to do something good to your employees

Many German workers are disillusioned when they see how less cents of every euro of raised payment goes into their own pockets. Often, more than half goes for taxes and social security plan. The problem can be mitigated a bit by granting tax-deferred or tax-free salary components. This is quite interesting for the employer [...]