Do you have your business financials in REALTIME or do you have to wait to review your business performance?

If you know that the business you are currently running could make a lot more profit if … if you could only get the screws and levers that would enable you to financially control your business properly – then it’s time to rethink your accounting and your entrepreneurial lifestyle, and to do it thoroughly!

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Activ Accounting is the service for entrepreneurs who want to make more profit – and feel that there is more than their current bookkeeping and accounting can give them. In short: I am not philosophizing here about what could and should be done. Under the brand “Activ Accounting” I offer you the service that I developed together with top-class experts and of course I use myself (absolutely reliable, precise and on time!). And I challenge you: Put down those dusty beliefs, from now on you can steer your company safely on the way for the annual profit target with a real time financial cockpit. Try it out! This is how you go your own way! According to your rules. In your very own style.


This we can do for you!


How you get into control of your business financials and how to set up your own rules for controlling your business financials’ destiny.

Enough dreaming, enough thinking, enough hoping. Time to start. Immediately, without wasting time on “Bookkeeping is only important for taxes”. The first steps always seem a bit unfamiliar. The first successes do not always come immediately – but after some time! After many years I can now say with full conviction: What a great life as an entrepreneur, with new perspectives, surprising opportunities and extremely good experiences.

To make it easier for you to succeed, I share my experiences with you. I would like to invite you to join my official LinkedIn group. Connect with like-minded people and “old boys” and become part of a great community.

However, if you want to share my experiences, then take a look at our extensive program of Live Case Studies. Learn from my experiences how to make to root cause analysis and how to get root cause under control! And here’s the best part: You can start all this right away. Because the recordings of our Live Case Studies are always available to you via the orange buttons in our pages.

Welcome to Activ Accounting and welcome to my community for financial reporting and controlling in the 21st century.


This can be your implementation plan

Save yourself expensive own experiments, we know the do’s and the dont’s in accounting and outsourcing.

  • Let Activ switch your Accounting on Autopilot

  • Control smarter instead working harder

  • Optimize your profit continously and grow your business steadily


Let our excited customers tell about Activ-Accounting-Service…

“Thanks for the great support, Andreas, I know I’m not fully in the system yet but I’m very happy that I can count on you and it’s worth every franc! step by step it’s coming along really well.

Daniel Schärrer, Managing Director, ZugSports GmbH

“By outsourcing our accounting to the Activ Innovation team in India, we have not only reduced costs but also consolidated all accounting processes at Activ across the group.” This has taken our reporting to a new level.”

Severin Weiss, CEO, SpecPage AG
“We are always amazed at how quickly this company reacts. From time to time questions arise where our accounting department needs help from Active Innovation. No problem. We virtually dictate the urgency and you are contacted within hours from Switzerland or overseas, the problem is discussed and solved. Chapeaux!„
Rof Kessler, Senior Consultant
“With highly efficient and reliable processes, Activ Innovation creates the conditions for outsourcing central and sensitive ERP processes or data. The management, A. Manske and M. Gasser, have succeeded in using their competence and expertise from the outsourcing business to build a trusting business in which country borders or distances no longer play any role”.
Michael Kramer, Business Executive
“As a management consultant, I have already gained insight into many companies, whether large or small, whether just founded or long established in the market.
However, one thing I have often noticed: Inadequate accounting, as a basis for strategic and tactical-operational decisions, is fatal. The root cause of wrong decisions was often identified as inadequate controlling and reporting.
I also got to know Activ Innovation during my former board activity as a customer. Initially I was critical of the outsourcing of accounting, controlling and reporting, but my scepticism was completely unfounded. This is not least due to the owners Andreas Manske and Marc Gasser, who have positively exceeded my expectations in all respects with their competence and open manner.
I am certain that many SMEs would do well to take the step and place their accounting, i.e. bookkeeping, controlling and reporting, in the responsible hands of Activ Innovation, thus laying the foundation for correct and good decisions. Als positiver Nebeneffekt bleibt auch mehr Zeit für das Kerngeschäft.„
Issac Ames, CEO, Ames Consulting
„Just after my AHV audit I would like to share with you the feedback. First of all, a big complement and thank you for the „perfectly prepared documents“, which in fact have been the words of the Gentleman who did the audit. Second I have gone through all the questions and provided evidence, so that all questions could be answered justifying without further investigations. Personally I would like to thank you and the Activ Innovation Team for the good and strong work prior the audit and especially for the great support preparing the documentation.„
Alexander von Arx , Managing Director, RICS GmbH
“Very competent, pleasant to work with and efficient in implementation.”
Martin Kloemkes, Senoir Consultant
“As a small SME, since our move with our accounting department from our fiduciary to Activ Innovation, we are supported by a trained CFO in India instead of an apprentice – either directly or via the Activ Innovation bridgehead on site in Switzerland, as desired. Although this CFO is not a native German speaker, he interpreted the Swiss VAT regulations correctly from the outset and drew our attention to the fact that we had previously charged an excessively high flat tax rate. This realization was already worth cash money! Receipts in German/French/Italian/English are no problem and are always entered correctly interpreted without any major queries.
Since we prefer to focus on our core competencies rather than on accounting, we are very happy that we now only have to place the documents on our scanner and that they are stored directly on the server at Activ Innovation for posting. If desired, we can access the current status of our bookings and our financial dashboard online at any time and this at significantly reduced prices compared to the previous trustee apprentice solution. Thanks to a Swiss fiduciary partner of Activ Innovation, we are then seamlessly and also optimally covered on the tax side. For us the perfect solution & which has now proven itself over many years – thank you very much for the good cooperation!
Duri Campell, CEO, Campell Consulting

„Very high level of professional services, great support and flexibility.“

Maria Luptakova, Director of Finance and Administration, SpecPage AG


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